The 5 most popular bridal dresses in 2015

Posted by: Dori 8 years, 9 months ago

Written by: DORI team writer, Noemi S.

What does the bride wear in 2015? Well, from classic to bold, the bride can choose even two outfits for her big day or a dress made especially for her. In 2015 fabrics are becoming more delicate, the tailoring more sophisticated and technology has embraced even the classic wedding dresses. Yes, there is also a digital software that can scan you and recommend your perfect wedding dress. It's time to check out the most popular bridal dresses in 2015!

Daring necklines




The deeper the cleavage, the better! The most daring brides can choose either the classical princess dress or the jumpsuit dress with an extremely bold and transparent top. This trend emphasizes brides who don't have a big bust. A dress with a bold cleavage is ideal for the wedding party, but you shouldn't use it for the religious or civil ceremony…for obvious reasons.

Reinvented lace

Elastic lace has new forms on the most popular bridal dress in 2015. Whether it's laser cut or handmade, the lace dress seems drawn from a modern story with princes and princesses. Maintaining the classic lines, the new lace, varies from the bohemian style to Latin or minimal.

Accessories and volume

The classic princess dress gets a new form through bulky accessories, exaggerated shapes, and unique cut-outs. I'm talking about XXL bows placed on the back of the dress, waist or over one shoulder, vintage brooches in unusual shapes that mimic scorpions or peacocks and necklaces made of semi-precious stones sewn on the bodices. Tulle is the go-to fabric for the most popular bridal dresses in 2015. It's used to give volume and suppleness to the dress, but also to add a sensual and romantic flair to the wearer.

Bare shoulders

Even long sleeve dresses fall on the shoulders in a nonchalant and sensual style. There's a discreet message that comes in various proposals, either one bare shoulder or both or through shirt wedding dresses. 

Modern minimalism

Simple also means complicated. Modern minimalism proposes seemingly simple dresses that can be worn by any bride. Dresses that can only match a great personality. Proposals come in architectural forms, or fine lines that hide a special delicacy. Cuts are bold, and the design is sophisticated and innovative.

You should know that personality remains the dominant trend. It is essential to choose from the most popular bridal dresses in 2015 a design that emphasized your natural features. You wear the dress; the dress doesn't wear you!

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