How to Wear Pearls in the 21st Century

Posted by: Dori 8 years, 10 months ago

Written by: DORI team writer, Noemi S.


Of course, the classic pearl necklaces, like the iconic version Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast At Tiffany's will always remain a signature of elegance. But now, there are plenty of fresh alternatives to wearing pearls, be it natural, culture or urban-chic versions of fake pearls.

So, in the 21st century you can wear pearls on/in:

Your jeans

At first glance, the mix of pearls and denim sounds at least unusual, and perhaps even a little intimidating to wear. Take a look at this season's collections and you will instantly want a pair of boyfriend jeans with pearl embroideries.

Your hair

What could be more feminine that a headband with pearls? Choose a statement design, like pearls inlaid with shells and beads or a minimalist and gracious version.

Your clothes and shoes

Designers are in love with pearls this season, and they include them everywhere, even on clothes and shoes. Slit skirts, wedge shoes or modern deux-piece versions retain the classic elegance of pearls while being extremely modern.

Your purses and statement sunglasses

For a style statement that will not go unnoticed wear your pearls beautifully inlaid on a clutch or a pair of statement sunglasses.

Your metallic jewellery

You can opt for the classic strand of pearls, or for an updated version with and edgy vibe – pearls mounted on metal. Choker style necklaces and bracelet with precious details are so in vogue this season and are suitable both for day and as statement accessories for evening.

Your hats

On a vintage design with a sophisticated flair, on a playful hat, or even on a super cute variation, pearls are everywhere this season – even hats.

Your fingers

Like in the case of necklaces try the metallic pearl mix for your finger. Alternatively, try a modern variant and wear a statement pearl ring.

Both sides of your ears

Put your classic pearl earrings aside for a minute, this seasons the most in vogue style is the double stud earring. This design has a small pearl set on the outside of the ear lobe along with a larger pearl fixed on the inside.


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